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As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist SRES designated Realtor, Matt Masson is trained to assist seniors and those 50+ years of age with their real estate needs. The truth is that people 50+ have specific needs that change as they age. They get older and tend to have needs that can include aging in place, relocating, remodeling, moving in with family or any combination of the above. 

This is a very serious trend as the older generation is focusing on their needs.

Senior housing can be more affordable in 55+ communities. However Assoc. dues can be higher so all things must be considered. Call an expert Seniors Real Estate Specialist like Matt Masson to help sort out what the best move for you or your loved one may be.

Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES® designees are REALTORS® qualified to address the needs of home buyers and sellers age 50+

By earning the SRES® Designation, agents have demonstrated the necessary knowledge and expertise to counsel clients age 50+ through major financial and lifestyle transitions in relocating, refinancing, or selling the family home. Seniors need to make choices and sometimes they no longer want to be a homeowner. Maybe they want to travel or they want to move into an assisted living facility. SRES designated brokers are qualified to help them make these informed decisions. Call Matt Masson today for a free consultation 415.902.5590.

Some important SRES topics include:

Each of these topics affects seniors and 50+ individuals as they navigate all the options in real estate and real estate finance for seniors. The market continually adapts and we stay in tune to the constant market changes for seniors and other 50+ buyers and sellers.

How can SRES Help You Plan for Your Future Housing Needs?

Most of us put time and effort into planning for retirement. That is, we plan for money related issues such as retirement funds. Secondly, people plan for long-term care and life insurance. Deciding on where you’ll live as you age often takes a backseat during retirement planning.

Whether you are considering aging in place, downsizing, purchasing a rental property, or even upsizing to a new location, dealing with real estate transactions and choices can be a confusing maze to negotiate, even for experienced home buyers. Beyond the complexity of real estate transactions, those over fifty are often more sophisticated shoppers and can benefit from a knowledgeable SRES representative.

Benefits of using an SRES agent include:

  • Customized approach to your living situation that fits in with your overall life plan.
  • Awareness of options like senior-based communities and aging in place needs.
  • Multiple choices that help reduce out-of-pocket expenses, acquire cash and create or delay income streams or get financial aid for when you need it at a later date. This can help you remain independent longer.

As someone deciding on where they’ll live as they grow older, there are unique challenges to financing and home accessibility that come with real estate and future housing needs. When planning real estate changes over age fifty, an SRES can be the professional who actually works for the client and has the experience and training to understand the unique challenges facing seniors when it comes to housing.

How can an SRES help you plan your housing needs?

Because an SRES focuses on retirees and seniors, they should understand the need to plan ahead and the challenges that face seniors as they age with regards to balancing finances, mobility, health, and personal needs. They have also been trained to understand that the right housing for today may not meet your needs a few years down the road. There are three main ways in which an SRES can guide you in planning your future housing needs.

  1. An SRES understands senior housing options

SRES designees are trained in all of the options for senior housing available. Much more than simply aging in place in your current home or moving to an assisted living facility or retirement home, there are vibrant options for today’s seniors. Additional options include things like planned senior communities with new homes designed for the needs of seniors.

These communities also have access to extra services seniors may need such as senior-friendly exercise opportunities and transportation. SRES agents are also trained in understanding the requirements of the Housing for Older Persons Act (HOPA) that sets forth guidelines and exemptions on housing developments and communities targeted towards seniors.

Part of understanding senior-specific housing is knowing the type of features that seniors will eventually need in a home. An SRES knows which housing communities have homes built under Universal Design tenants–homes designed with the changing needs of seniors in mind.

Universal Design includes things such as no step entries, one story floor plans, wider doorways, open floor plans with extra floor space, senior-friendly bathrooms, and more features designed to help seniors live comfortably without feeling like they have turned their home into a hospital ward.

     2. An SRES can assist in dealing with financial options for real estate

An SRES will work with you to prepare for financial challenges that can arise out of a real estate transaction. This is not only for buying and selling a home, but also if you choose to age in place and remodel your home. It is also for those interested in purchasing rental property as a potential revenue source during retirement. An SRES is trained in capital gains and other tax issues relating to owning real estate to better help seniors decide if a rental property is really the best option.

As part of this training, they learn about how using pensions, IRAs401ks, and other retirement accounts in real estate transactions work. They also understand reverse mortgages, both the positive sides and the potential downsides of that type of mortgage for seniors. Further, SRES agents are trained to spot mortgage and other loan schemes that are designed to trick and scam seniors out of their finances or even their homes.

Another vital part of SRES training is in estate planning and how Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security can affect your property and finances as you age. There are unknown pitfalls of Medicaid, such as their right to recover costs spent on your care even after you die in some situations. An SRES can walk you through scenarios that include your rights and what can happen should you have liens or unpaid medical expenses, most notably through Medicaid Estate Recovery.

About 55 percent of people in the U.S. die without a will or estate plan and this can put heirs through unnecessary expense and frustration in trying to finalize arrangements of your estate. An SRES can help you draw up a will and plan for your family’s future.




For most ordinary folks who are buying or selling a house, the part about using a broker or real estate agent is one where you grit your teeth and resign yourself to the ugly fact that using an agent is the standard procedure and you just have to put up with in order to accomplish the mission. In general, it seems that they get a lot of money for very little work. In my case, the commission was almost $40,000. Do you have any idea how long it takes me to save $40,000? I don’t even want to think about it!  But now, after having sold my house with Matt Masson as my agent, I realize that, at least in my circumstance, Matt earned every penny. What he did for me before the sale, during the negotiations, and even after the closing, was above and beyond what one would expect. Before I put the house on the market, Matt rolled up his sleeves and helped me with the hard work of getting the house ready. Matt wasn’t just pointing out what needed to be done, he jumped right in and shoulder-to-shoulder helped me do the hard work before me. For the pre-listing effort, Matt went beyond what I suspect 98% of other agents would have done.

During the sale process, we ran into major roadblocks. The negotiations were challenging and terse. There were a number of instances when it came to a crossroad, and I felt the deal was going to fall out. Even after we were in contract, complications with the inspections and the appraisal again created a palpable risk of losing the deal. This period of uncertainty created, angst, financial uncertainty, extreme emotional reactions among the interested parties on both sides. The entire time Matt was a calm voice, level head, wise advisor, and supportive “corner man” who kept the deal on track and kept the final objective foremost on everyone’s screen. I suspect most agents would have complained, delivered ultimatums with their self-interest in mind, let their frustrations show, or otherwise lost faith. Matt kept the process on course and delivered moral support, at the most crucial times. Even when the sale closed, Matt was still available, ready to help with the move-out and do whatever he could to ensure that everyone came away satisfied.

In summary, Matt came through in the best of style, did everything required of him, and so much more. His experience, skill and considerable effort was necessary for a successful conclusion to the difficult challenge of the sale of my house; at a time when I don’t think many other agents could have performed at the same level. Matt gets my highest recommendation because he earned it."

DR - Sacramento


I want to thank you for all that you did in helping us to sell our home. We could not have done it without you. After twenty years in our home, the process of selling and moving was most daunting and you guided us with sensitivity and clarity every step of the way. We were partners in the process and what could have been an entangled web of confusion became a process where we never felt alone.

You helped us know what to do to get the house ready for sale and you even helped us physically get it ready. You knew the right people to prepare the house with painting and staging. You added your own personal touches to the house that made it more interesting and appealing. You arranged for a photographer who presented our home in the best possible way. You kept us upbeat and patient during the fallow times and because of you we weren’t discouraged. When a good offer came, you handled it with acumen and guided us through the complexities that led to a sale that without you might have not been made. Even after the closing you stayed in touch and handled the loose ends that could have become problems.

We are now settling into our new home in just the way we had hoped and without you, I just don’t think it would have happened.

Throughout the whole process you were the ultimate professional, giving us security that all was being handled just as it should be. Moving is still a hassle, but you took us through the process with personal caring, great individual attention and consummate skill.

With deepest appreciation, we thank you."

S and SH - Carmel, CA


Mere words cannot express my appreciation for all you’ve done on my behalf in the sale of 209 Butterfield. You took on a project which became messy and complicated yet navigated me through as if it were not messy, and therefore not complicated. As a person of faith, I asked god to bless you and your work daily. He was faithful and so were you.

So, in order to make up for the lack of words, I hope you will accept the enclosed as a token of my gratitude. Thank you so very much."

 DW - Spartanburg, SC


I would like to take a moment to let you know how fortunate I am to have had you as my real estate agent, and to acknowledge what an incredible job you did in selling my property. Your years of experience and expertise in real estate were invaluable to me throughout the selling process.

I very much appreciated your advice and help in preparing the house and property for sale, explaining all the required documents, and your words of encouragement to help me navigate the ups and downs of bringing a property to sale.

I could not have asked for more complete or better representation to brokers or potential buyers. To sell the property in 39 days is quite remarkable, made even more so in this challenging real estate market.

All in all, Matt, I believe we had the most successful sale I could ever have imagined, and quite simply I could not have done it without you as my agent. I am grateful to you for always going above and beyond the call of duty on my behalf.

My heartfelt thanks to you, and if I should consider buying a house in the future you are the only real estate agent I will call.

Sincerely yours"

 PP - Tiburon, CA


I send this post card as a small token of thanks for all the help on 9 Via Paraiso East, the owners think you are great – also a true professional.


A - Tiburon


Merry Christmas! Now I owe you for two! Thank you for your professional, diligent, insightful and results producing efforts."

CW - Kona HI


Recently we had the experience of selling our home in West Marin after moving to New England. A challenging experience at best but it could easily have been a negative and overwhelming one without the guidance of an excellent real estate agent. We were very fortunate to have listed our house with Matt Masson and would highly recommend him to others with Marin County property to sell.

Being first time home sellers, we were especially grateful for Matt’s years of experience, his county contacts and knowledge, as well as his patience and positive professional outlook. Although we were on the other side of the country, we always felt we knew what was going on due to Matt’s excellent communication skills. We were also able to depend on Matt to carry out the variety of tasks needed to have a home on the market, this ranged from supervising repair work to maintaining and optimizing the properties throughout its listing.

During the entire process Matt was supportive and encouraging. Without a doubt he is one of Marin County’s finest real estate agents.

LZ and SF - Cape Cod, MA


Well, we made it – but after being a homeowner for a week now, I’m still in shock. And so far, the only difference in my life is that I have a lot more to do and not enough time or money to do it all!

Seriously, I am very appreciative of your excellent efforts on my behalf. You more than earned your commission on this one. And I am very happy that I chose you to work with me over the past several months. Considering that the mortgage broker did it’s best to sabotage the whole deal, you performed magnificently both as a real estate broker and as a supportive friend. You were on top of all the details, kept the line of communication open so I always knew what was (or wasn’t) happening, taught me the things I needed to know and basically held my hand through the whole process.

I look forward to working together again and, in the meantime, hope we can get together on a personal level to keep our acquaintance active. I look forward to talking with you soon.

FS - Novato, CA


Matt Masson was the real estate broker handling the sale of our Marin County Home on Lucas Valley Road in Nicasio, California.  We listed our home on relatively short notice and with a tight schedule to relocate our family to Nashville, Tennessee.

Matt not only performed the usual broker related duties for us in a very professional and conscientious manner, but he went considerably above and beyond the call of duty in looking out for our best interests while the house was on the market and we were in Nashville.  From seeing to the care and feeding of the house and grounds, to keeping fresh flowers on the table when the house was being shown, Matt made the process a pleasure in comparison to previous experiences.  Matt truly cared about us and our house. He did everything he could to sell our house and get the best price.

I wholeheartedly recommend Matt Masson as an outstanding and caring real estate agent.

E & L Westin - Nashville, Tennessee


I just wanted to take a minute now that the house is sold to thank you for everything you did to help get our house ready to be sold. From the start of the project, you went above and beyond (and even beyond that) time and time again to make sure that the work needed came together in the quickest time possible. With me not being local, you picked up assignments and made sure they were done right too many times for me to count.  Without your help, and excellent handyman skills, it would have taken so much longer to get the house ready for listing.  It was also wonderful that you are so well connected with service providers, this was a big help with me not living in the area.  The people you picked to help with the work to get the house ready did great work at a very reasonable price too. When it came time to list the house, you devoted yourself to holding open houses nearly every weekend until it was sold. I'm very thankful for your dedication and professionalism as well as your friendship.  Thanks again for selling our house quickly and at a great price.

DM - Sacramento 


Most don’t realize the complex skill set required to be a Realtor. To take Realty to the level of mastery that you have achieved; one must first be a sage, a rebel, a warrior, a connoisseur of fine things, a shaman, a nurturing soul, an actor, a priest, a judge, a seeker of the best of life, and a philosopher, my hat is off to you.

DO - Fairfax, CA



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